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Katsarakis Nikolaos


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Short CV
Dr. Nikos Katsarakis
Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Engineering School, Hellenic Mediterranean University.
Graduate studies at the Technical University of Athens, Chemical Engineering Department. The diploma thesis titled “Protection of marbles by applying acrylic coatings with pure or doped titanium oxide as a pigment” was carried out at the Materials Science Group of the Chemical Engineering Department.
Ph.D. studies at the Technical University of Graz, Institute for Inorganic Materials. Dissertation: “Highly Conductive La-Ni-Co-Perovskites as Ceramic Electrode Materials”.
The current research interests of Prof. Nikos Katsarakis include:
 The development and study of metallic oxide thin films (TiO2, ZnO and WO3), nanostructures (ZnO, InOx, WO3, VOx, TiO2), heterostructures (TiO2:WO3) and hybrid nano-composites (e.g., TiO2 / Ag nanoparticles supported on rGO) for environmental and energy applications, targeting: (a) the photocatalytic removal of micropollutants from aqueous environments, (b) the development of novel metal oxide coatings on glass and plastic substrates with selfcleaning properties, and (c) the development of thermochromic / electrochromic materials and devices.
 The design, development and characterization of novel optoelectronic materials, metamaterials and devices.
Prof. Katsarakis has supervised 2 PhD and 18 MSc students. He has participated in plenty of EC and national research projects as Scientific Responsible or researcher. He was a key member of the research team EXEL, which was amongst the recipients of the 2005 Descartes Prize.
Prof. Katsarakis has published more than 120 papers in peer-reviewed journals and has received more than 6000 citations. His h-index is 42 (Google Scholar, 09/2022).
Since 7.5.2019 he is the Rector of the Hellenic Mediterranean University.