Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Hellenic Mediterranean University

Laboratory of Energy and Photovoltaic Systems (LEPS)

Laboratory of Energy and Photovoltaic Systems (LEPS)

It is part of the Electrical Energy Systems Sector of the Department. The fields covered by the LEPS are indicatively related with the following research areas:

  • Electrical Energy Systems. Specifically, low, medium and high voltage electrical installations, low, medium and high voltage networks and substations, dielectric materials, high voltage equipment and measurements, power electronics and their applications, production and management of electricity from renewable energy resources, electric propulsion systems and machines, modern energy markets.
  • Solar Energy Systems. Specifically, photovoltaic energy systems (interconnected and autonomous systems), energy storage, solar energy systems for thermal energy production, thermal comfort conditions, active and passive systems in buildings, integration of solar energy systems in buildings.
  • Lighting Systems. In particular, light source technologies, electronic driving systems, optimization of the phototechnical systems operation – visual comfort in buildings and phototechnical studies.